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Hannah Elizabeth is my name. I like music, I like vinyl records and I like owls. I also extra like my hubby. This is where I post things I like, words that interest me and thoughts that should be shared.
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I Am The Movie, 2002.

inspired by (x)

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National Coming Out Day is Saturday!

We thought a simple, print-at-home card might help you out a teensy bit if you’ve been working up the courage to come out to your parents this weekend (or anytime in the near future)!

The other side reads… "Place this card on your dining table" and let’s them know about our book, and the inside is blank for your message. Tada!

Here is the link to print one for your own dining room table…


It’s just a step to the left


10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace

omg! seeing this beauty pop up on my dashboard makes me so happy!

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